May 4, 2007

First International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

On this night, May 19, 2007, amateur astronomers around the world will be setting up their telescopes in crowded and public places. Its mission is to reach thousands of people to realize and appreciate the magnificence and wonder of astronomy and space. This night is hoping to have 1000 telescopes out in the public internationally, and they want more amateur astronomers to join them. So if you are an amateur astronomer with a telescope, please visit the link below to sign up for this night.

SideWalk astronomy was a group started by John Dobson and two of his students. It is intended to give all the people of the world a chance to see the universe, through the telescopes that amateur astronomers set up, and provide information about what they are seeing. This service is always free. John Dobson is also famous for inventing the Dobsonian mount for telescopes, which allows them to be large, portable, and inexpensive.

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