July 15, 2010

Reading List

Some of what I have been reading this week, both online and offline:
  • Felix Baumgartner is planning on skydiving from the edge of space, at 120,000 feet above the ground. Aside from setting a new record, the jump could help develop and perfect technologies for escape systems on space vehicles, like the Space Shuttle, or future commercial space transport. [Read at SPACE.com
  • A picture of the July 11 solar eclipse visible during sunset from the Andes mountains. The eclipse was viewable in southern areas of South America and the Pacific Ocean. [See and read about the picture at APOD
  • In addition to the book Endless Universe, I’ve also started to read Einstein’s Telescope. The author, Evalyn Gates, discusses the presence of dark matter and dark energy. It is an interesting read so far since Gates presents the difficult topic with a good amount of explanation and also humor.

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