April 1, 2008


Virgle is an April Fool's Joke from Google, like previous ones that they have made, like Google Gulp and Google TiSP. It proposes a "Plan B," carried out over a hundred years, that will aim to colonize the red planet, Mars, by Virgin and Google teaming up. You can even fill out an application to become a "pioneer" in this endeavor, and watch video messages by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, cofounders of Google, and Richard Branson of Virgin. However, it is just an April Fool's joke. But Google points out in one of the pages on the Virgle website, "Virgle isn't real. Yet."

The information on Virgle's website are mostly all based on facts. In fact, if you read the FAQ on the website, you can learn a lot about Mars, terraformation, etc. As Google suggests on an obscure web page stating that Virgle is not real yet, all of this can become reality in the future. Terraforming, as Wikipedia explains, is the process that can make a planet or any other body in space have a similar environment to that of the Earth, to make it habitable for humans. This process is possible and may even take place in the near future. Also, Google suggested a self sustainable base on Mars. This too is also a viable possibility, that may take place as humans look to expand their horizons and settle out of Earth.

So, you can get a good laugh by going to Virgle, but keep in mind, all of this may be reality in the future.

Image from Google.com

The video messages of Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Richard Branson are posted below:

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