July 20, 2007

1969: First Manned Moon Landing

Today, in 1969, humans first landed on the moon, on the mission Apollo 11. On that day, the lunar module, called the Eagle, separated from the command module, named Columbia. When the lunar lander touched the moon, mission commander, Neil A. Armstrong declared, "Houston, Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed." He later made down the ladder on top of one of the legs of the lunar lander. As he stepped off the ladder, he spoke the famous words, "That's one small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind."

This was a landmark event in human history. It is estimated that over 700 million people watched the event on television worldwide, a record for the time. Although the mission's primary goals were to only make a manned lunar landing, and return safely, the mission accomplished much more than that. It gave us a new way of looking at our home planet, a view from another celestial body. It also unified the people on Earth and conquered a goal that many thought impossible.

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  2. If Neil Armstrong was the "First Man" to walk on the Moon then how could it have been photographed from the outside and so far away? And if so, it would have had been Neil Armstrong photographing Buzz, not the other way around?!! Then there would have been foot steps, and I have yet to see any? How could this even be possible? There is not enough proof he was the first person on the Moon?!! Not saying it did not happen, but "However the footage had to been shot from someone, and that would have been the first preson on the Moon"?!!

  3. @Anonymous: I think you're referring to the video of Armstrong coming down the ladder. There was a camera attached outside the lunar module Eagle that was specifically designed to capture Armstrong coming down the ladder. This wasn't held by another person or astronaut outside