About Me

Hello, I am Abhimat Gautam. I am an intended astrophysics and physics major at UC Berkeley, and am very interested in exploring and learning about astronomy. I'm also interested in other fields like computer science, robotics, and am obsessed with everything Apple.

I have been attempting to learn more about astronomy for a long time, and this blog began in December 2006, and has developed as a way to keep track of and share all the cool things that I was finding about astronomy and space in my spare time, both online and elsewhere.

Recently I finished working on a senior project as a graduation requirement for high school. I observed asteroids and attempted to determine their orbits. More about my adventures in orbit determination are available at this page about my senior project.

Although I have been interested in space for a long time, I have only recently started observing the night sky. I got a pair of binoculars in late 2009, which are really wonderful in helping me see and enjoy, and even discover the things that I have only been reading about for years.

Me working on my senior project at my mentor's observatory.