January 31, 2009

What Should Hubble Look At Next?

This question will be answered by the help of your vote! To celebrate the International Year of Astronomy (IYA), people all over the world can vote to decide what they would like the Hubble Space Telescope to capture an image of, something that its never seen before. Besides just voting, you also get to enter to win one of the images (out of a hundred) of this new object that the Hubble records with its camera.

The image will be released between April 2 and 5, as part of IYA's 100 Hours of Astronomy, when IYA wants as many people as possible to observe the night sky through a telescope. At this time, many conditions will be optimal to enhance this experience, such as the Moon and Saturn's place in the sky.

To vote and enter the drawing for the image, visit this webpage, where you can learn about the project and more information about the six choices available for voting. Remember, the deadline for voting is March 1.

Astronomy and Space Celebrates International Year of Astronomy 2009.

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