January 1, 2011

2010 Going Into 2011

Looking back, I have to say 2010 was a great year both for my blog and myself. I covered many interesting topics on my blog, including quite a few about exoplanets. Among other things this year, the Hubble celebrated its 20th birthday, the rover Spirit got stuck on Mars, and there is increasing evidence for an ocean on Mars. More personally, I started heavily using my binoculars, finished up my high school senior project on orbit determination, and started college this year.

I can’t yet say what I will write about in the coming year. This summer I decided to write some reflections about this blog, and I still feel that my purposes for this blog are evolving. I can’t predict exactly what kinds of things will be on my blog in the coming year. I also cannot predict all of the exciting discoveries that will undoubtedly be released this year. Right now, I just know that I can’t wait to start my first astrophysics class in college in this coming semester, and also share some exciting posts on this blog.

Happy new year everyone!

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